Nick Williams interviews Tracy Tutty on Herbal Medicine and Healing

Your Body Knows Exactly What It Needs Right Now To Heal Itself

  • Tracy Tutty is a medical herbalist, healer and stress therapist with a particular interest in helping people with digestive disorders and stress-related conditions.
  • As a medical herbalist, Tracy’s job is to connect you with the herb or herbs that your body is searching for.
  • As a stress therapist and healer, Tracy creates a relaxing and safe environment which allows your body to direct its own healing process. Stress leaves clues and Tracy is able to trace those clues back to the source of your stress so that you can change stressful responses into more helpful ones.
  • Tracy learned Energetic NLP or eNLP from its founder, Art Gizer. eNLP is based on the presupposition that you are perfect just as you are and just as we peel back the layers of an onion, sometimes we need to explore any programming or beliefs that we may be holding onto in order to grow, heal and explore.

Tracy believes in Empowerment Through Self-Healing and Offers the Following Therapies

Western Herbal Medicine

Energetic NLP

She holds a first class Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Health Sciences (Herbal Medicine) from the University of Westminster and was recipient of the Nutricentre CAM Award for ‘best overall performance in the year’ for each of the three years she was at the University of Westminster and in her final year, the Neals Yard Remedies Meteria Medica Prize. Tracy is also a Chartered Accountant and has taught clinical skills to herbal

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