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Relax with Reflexology
Reflexology Do you feel stressed, harassed or rushed?
No time for yourself because you have so many balls in the air?
Do you feel tense emotionally or physically?
Do your colleagues and loved ones notice it is cold and 'flu season because you already have one?

I promise that you will feel totally chilled out after your reflexology treatment
I am so confident that you will feel more relaxed that if you don't feel totally chilled out, I will give you Your Money Back!

Reflexology can provide a welcome opportunity to relax and release tension - Soothe Your Body and Still Your Mind.

Tracy Tutty provides Western Herbal Medicine, Reiki, Reflexology and Stress Therapy on Saturdays at Petter Pharmacy Wellness Clinic in Crouch End.
You can Book Online Here or Telephone 020 7127 4682 to book your appointment today.

Connect with Tracy on Twitter @TracyTutty

Please note: Tracy is a Medical Herbalist and a Stress Therapist, not a Doctor. UK law currently classifies medical herbalists as complementary therapists. For the avoidance of doubt, whilst Tracy does support people who may happen to have a medical condition, Tracy does not treat medical conditions.

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