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Crystal Therapy Crystals and Stones have long been admired for their beauty, both in terms of their structure and depth of colour. Many ancient cultures revered the stones for their healing qualities.

The use of crystals is as vast as your imagination. Crystals and gemstones can be used to refresh an atmosphere, for planetary healing, as a tool to enhance meditation, for self-healing as well as for healing others. Over the past ten years the Mineral Kingdom has experienced a huge increase in popularity as people are drawn once more to their energy and beauty.

Crystals are very enthusiastic when given a job to do. Crystal Therapists believe they are able to shape and focus energy due to their colour, internal structure, outer form and chemistry. It is important to ensure when receiving a crystal healing that the person giving the healing has received appropriate training. During a crystal healing, the client is fully clothed. The healer will assess the client's energetic field and apply crystals on and around the body.

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