Which oil should I use for my cream or ointment?

I’d read the theory.

  • This oil makes the cream feel heavy on the skin, great for really dry complexions.
  • That oil is light and filmy, great for delicate areas.

But really, unless you line up exactly the same ointment but with a different oil used for each variation, you don’t really know.

In our Masterclass in Cream and Ointment Making, I’m going to bust this myth.

No more guessing. No more reading text books.

I’m going to make an ointment.  But I’m going to make it 5 times and the only difference will be the oil that I’ve combined with the beeswax.  You get to touch, feel and smell it.  So you will know when to use a particular oil in your recipe to get the outcome your looking for.  No theory; just practical, tried and tested tips.

If you would like to join me on our cream and ointment making adventure, book your place below.