A liniment is an oil and tincture mixture.  It doesn’t contain an emollient so needs to be shaken thoroughly before applying.


4mls Horsechestnut

2mls Calendula infused oil

1ml St Johns Wort Oil

1ml Arnica infused oil

6 drops black pepper essential oil (EO)

8 drops juniper EO

8 drops Lavender EO

8 drops Roman Chamomile EO


To make, combine all the ingredients and store in an air tight bottle.  Shake well before applying to the affected area.  Do not take internally.  For some people, the black pepper can be a bit too warming.  If it doesn’t agree with you, leave it out.

Here’s an alternative liniment recipe if you don’t want to use black pepper: 2mls Comfrey Infused Oil, 1ml St Johns Wort Infused Oil, 2 mls Horsechestnut tincture, 2 drops Wintergreen Essential Oil (omit this if you are sensitive to salicylates – you could use ginger instead).

Shake well before use as it doesn’t contain an emulsifier and apply to the affected area