This is one of my go-to books when I’m making herbal remedies or just in need of a bit of inspiration.  It’s beautifully illustrated by Ajana Green.  This is the illustration that introduces Poultices and Fomentations.  Fabulous huh!

It’s a little bit hippie but provides great insights into how to make a wide variety of herbal medicines.



Here are some of the remedies that James covers:

  • infusions and decoctions
  • hydrosols
  • flower essences
  • tincturing (using maceration or the perculation method)
  • wine infusion
  • vinegar infusion
  • oil infusion
  • glycerin infusion
  • ointment, salves and balms
  • lotions and creams
  • herb jellos
  • syrups, honeys, oxymels and electuaries
  • poultices and fomentations

and a whole bunch more.

Don’t let the list put you off, it’s really easy to read.

To whet your appetitie, here’s what James says about Herbal Medicine in his prologue, A Word Before The Medicine Show

Herbalism is one of those people’s things.  it is indigenous to all communities of our globe, which is why it thrives so harmoniously in our homes.  To manifest high-quality, health-pumping herbal preparations, you can take this plant lore in hand, make your own preparations, and thereby liberate yourself, your family, your community, your monetary resources from dependence on others.