Ingredients Equipment
3g beeswax (grated or pellets)15mls Nettle and Ribwort Plantain tea (it tastes strong when you drink it)2mls Jojoba oil9mls chickweed infused olive oil 2 Pyrex jugsFrying panTeapotElectric Whisk

Jars for storing your balm



Method (Bain Marie method)

  1. Make nettle and ribwort plantain tea by combining 1 heaped tablespoons each of nettle and ribwort plantain (fresh if you can get it) with ½ cup of boiling water.  Leave covered in a teapot for 15 minutes.
  2. Whilst the tea is brewing, sterilise your jars by immersing in boiling water for 5-minutes.  Allow to air dry.
  3. Combine the jojoba and chickweed infused oils in a Pyrex jug, and then add the beeswax.
  4. Pour 15mls of the herbal tea in the second Pyrex jug.
  5. Heat water in the frying pan and add the two Pyrex jugs to the pan.  The jugs should be sitting in the simmering water
  6. Continue to heat until the beeswax has melted into the oil.
  7. Remove from the heat.
  8. Beat the oil, beeswax and water together using the electric whisk.  Do this by slowly adding the herbal tea to the oil whilst whisking.  Continue whisking the mixture until it combines and starts to form peaks (like really thick cream).
  9. Add to sterilised jars making sure there are no air bubbles in the bottom of the jars (do this by tapping the bottom vigorously), and label.

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