The residents of Acciaroli know it and we heard about it thanks to a 2016 study which found 1 in 10 of them live to see 100. The benefits of a Mediterranean diet are well known. Adding Rosemary Infused Oil to your diet is an easy way of enjoying more of those anti-aging nutrients.


You will need some fresh rosemary and enough olive oil to cover it completely. I make my infused oils in a slow cooker. You get a great result with minimal fuss and mess.

How to make rosemary infused oil

Step 1: add your fresh rosemary to the slow cooker
Step 2: cover your rosemary with olive oil. Ensure there is a good inch of oil covering all of the rosemary
Step 3: use a spoon to ensure the rosemary is completely immersed in the olive oil
Step 4: cook on high for 6-hours then reduce the temperature to low and cook for a further 8-hours. Then strain and store in a sterilised bottle

The slow cooker gets a little grubby in the process but it scrubs up just fine with a bit of detergent and hot water.