Reduce anxiety, stress or overwhelm with this quick and discrete visualisation. You can use whenever you feel anxious or upset.

Medical Herbalist and High Performance coach, Tracy Tutty, introduces you to an exercise to reduce anxiety or upset
Tracy walks you through the White Mist or Emergency Exercise

Here is the White Mist Exercise

Take a moment to make sure you are in a safe space. For example, park the car, turn off the stove (hopefully not at the same time LOL).

Ok, here we go…

  • Imagine you can breathe in a white mist.
  • On the in-breath, see this mist circling in and around, inside your head
  • Hold for a count of 3
  • On the out-breath, breathe out the white mist. Let your shoulders droop and feel your body go limp

Repeat this exercise two more times or until you notice you are feeling calmer and in a more helpful state of mind.