Sage Helps When You Have a Sore Throat

I’m seeing a lot of colds and flu now that the weather is turning colder.  Sage is a wonderful herb that is at home in most sore throat remedies.  Research shows it’s antibacterial activity is due to its thujone content so it’s one to avoid if you are pregnant.

Although most honeys are antibacterial due to its unique combination of hydrogen peroxide, phenols and aromatic acids.  Manuka honey has the added punch of leptospermone which is unique to manuka.

Infused honeys are easy to make and most herbs can be combined.  I make a garlic-infused honey which is great for colds and flu.  Elderflower-infused honey is helpful if you are prone to allergies and want to inoculate yourself against pollens.  You need to start with a low dose and build up so as not to trigger an allergic response.

How to Make Sage-Infused Honey

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