We have a tendency to focus on tomorrow in order to create our best life. When I reach this goal, then my life will be good. When I earn this amount of money, then I’ll feel happy. When I get that promotion, then I’ll spend more time with my family. When I retire, then I’ll do the things I’ve always wanted to do (travel, play golf, get out in the garden, paint).

I remember a conversation with my Dad. He was turning 60. Lets have a party and celebrate I said. Our birthdays are a week apart so we tended to share the milestones. Nah, said Dad. Turning 60 means I’m old. Tell you what, we’ll have a party when I turn 65 because then I’ll be retiring and that’s something to celebrate. So we didn’t have a big celebration when Dad turned 60.

My Dad died when he was 62. On a Monday. In his sleep. After a day at work. We never did have that big celebration.

I lost my centre. I lost my universe. And he gave me one of the greatest lessons of my life.

Live your best life today

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow’s sunrise will bring. The time to create your best life is now. The life where you feel fulfilled and happy is today. Feeling content, fulfilled and happy doesn’t require the achievement of the tomorrow goal. You just need to turn up and do good work, today. Taking one small step towards the tomorrow goal could be enough for you to say,

“you know what, I did good work today”

What makes you happy?

Take a moment and list all the things that make you happy. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • throwing a ball with the dog
  • building lego with the kids
  • making a face cream or body butter that smells amazing (you know, the one that makes your soul sigh)
  • baking a cake or some scones and sharing them with workmates
  • planting flowers
  • stopping and looking at the roses peaking out of the neighbours front garden
  • soaking in the bath (don’t have time? You definitely need to soak in the bath)

Which ones in your list will you do today? Tomorrow? The day after? Doing something that brings you joy can help you live your best life today.

What makes you your best you?

Showing up as your best you is how you feel contented and fulfilled. It’s not always easy. It’s not always pretty. Sometimes it’s scary. Here’s one of my scary moments.

Tracy Tutty Heaphy Track
Tracy Tutty walks one of the swing bridges on the
Heaphy Track in New Zealand

But after we’ve done it, we smile to ourselves and say, I did that. And a wave of satisfaction and contentment washes over us.

We look at the things we did that day and notice the one small thing that brings us closer to the big hairy audacious goal and we smile to ourselves and say, I did that. Knowing that one small step was a courageous step that brought us closer to that big thing.

Create your best life today

Don’t wait. Don’t hope that tomorrow will be better. Take that one small courageous step today. That small step connects you to the powerful, authentic you.

each small step is a courageous step

Share your story. Do that thing that makes you, you. Share your gifts, talents and dreams with the world. Live your best life so others can observe and know that it’s possible.

Writing this post wasn’t easy. It wasn’t pretty (tears are still silently rolling down my face).

But having written it, I read it, smile to myself and say, I did that.

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