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Reduce congestion with this herbal tea

Travelling around with a headcold is no fun. I was congested with a blocked nose and sinus related headache. So I popped into a local herbal store and bought some herbs to remedy the situation. Ingredients 30g Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) leaves 15g Mullein...

How to Make Rosehip Syrup

Whilst the winter chill arriving is not usually a cause for celebration, it does herald the beginning of rosehip picking season.  Rosehips are best harvested after a good frost. Collect them when they are fully matured and have reached their most vivid shade of red or...

How to Make Sage-Infused Honey

Sage Helps When You Have a Sore Throat I'm seeing a lot of colds and flu now that the weather is turning colder.  Sage is a wonderful herb that is at home in most sore throat remedies.  Research shows it's antibacterial activity is due to its thujone content so it's...

Turmeric Paste Recipe

  Here's a recipe for making your own turmeric paste.  This is great for your skin.  But remember, turmeric turns everything it touches a lovely warm yellow colour! Like this post? Please share the love:  

Essential Oils to Repel Mosquitos

The combination of warm weather and the lovely pond full of still water just outside my lounge door has become very enticing for mosquitos.  It makes it difficult to relax with the doors open onto our lovely garden. I've been researching essential oils that deter...


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