•    Rolled oats
•    Bicarbonate of Soda
•    Essential oil of your choice (e.g. lavender, geranium, rose, patchouli, frankincense)
•    Herb seeds or petals such as lavender, chamomile, English marigold (calendula), rose

•    Muslin – approximately 22cm x 22cm
•    Twine – approximately 14cm in length


Here’s how you make your Herbal Bath Bag

Step 1: 

Muslin ClothLay your square of muslin on a flat surface.


Step 2:

Muslin Bath BagAdd 2 desert spoons of rolled oats to the middle of your muslin.


Step 3:

Create Your Own Bath BagAdd ¼ teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda to the top of your rolled oats.


Step 4:

Essential Oil in Your Bath BagAdd 3 drops of your essential oil to the Bicarbonate of Soda.


Step 5:

Herbs in Your Bath BagAdd ¾ of a dessertspoon of your chosen herb to the rolled oats and Bicarbonate of Soda.


Step 6:

...1Pick up your muslin square by bringing each of the corners of the muslin towards the centre. 


Step 7:

...1Twist your muslin and tie the top with your twine to keep the ingredients securely in your bath bag.


Step 8:

Herbal Bath BagTo use your bath bag, simply add to a hot bath.

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