The combination of warm weather and the lovely pond full of still water just outside my lounge door has become very enticing for mosquitos.  It makes it difficult to relax with the doors open onto our lovely garden.

I’ve been researching essential oils that deter creepy crawlies (check out the previous post).  I’ve used that knowledge to make a mosquito repellent that is proving to be very effective.

It’s easy to make and simple to use and smells nice too.


Your Mosquito Repellent Essential Oil Blend

Simply combine 10 drops of lavender essential oil with 6 drops of lemongrass essential oil.  Add to your essential oil burner and relax.

Aromatherapy Burner Safety Tips:

  • if you are using the candle burning variety, stay safe.  Keep away from drafts, wafty curtains, children and animals.  Remember to blow the candle out when you retire for the evening.
  • keep an eye on the amount of water in the top of the burner.  As it’s warm at the moment, the water will evaporate very quickly.  Simply top the water up when it gets a bit low.
  • always follow the instructions that have been included with your burner.

Although the candle burning variety of aromatherapy burner is my personal favourite, some of the electric burners don’t require water and you can also get ceramic rings that go around light bulbs.

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