We are going to talk about your lymphatic system, how it works and how doing a gentle detox can assist your lymphatic system in working properly; thus encouraging the entire body toward a healthier state of well-being.

The lymphatic system is its own pumping system with in the body; it is responsible for removing waste products from your cells and dealing with infections.

If your lymphatic system is working properly wastes are removed from your cells and infections are dealt with quickly and efficiently. This process often happens without you ever knowing that you were exposed to toxins or an infection. On the other hand if your lymphatic system is not working properly wastes accumulate within the body and infections become chronic this can cause fatigue, depression, and poor health.

Lymphatic fluid washes through your entire body and is then transported through your lymphatic vessels and then through your lymph nodes. There are an estimated 100,000 lymph nodes throughout your body and 5 ½ gallons of lymph fluid, (or 20.820 Liters); that is nearly 3 times more lymph fluid inside your body than blood!

Your lymph nodes reside in clusters inside your neck, armpits, intestines and groin. Inside these lymph nodes there are specialized white blood cells called lymphocytes that produce antibodies. These antibodies attach themselves to infectious micro-organisms so that the rest of the immune system can recognize the infections and destroy them; antibodies are like little red flags for your immune system.

Doing a gentle detox supports your lymphatic system in working properly; here are some tips on how get this process started and encourage good health:
1. The lymphatic system works through movement. Exercise when combined with appropriate calorie intake (i.e. not when you’re fasting) gets your liver moving. It also encourages your lymphatic system and extracellular fluid to move around your body sweeping away toxins released by your cells along the way. Sweating also encourages elimination (I’m thinking more in terms of fast walking or bouncing on your rebounder). Gentle exercise is the most appropriate when doing a detox.

2. Detoxification is the process of encouraging elimination; your lymphatic system works best when you are eliminating the waste it is sweeping away from your cells. Detoxification is traditionally used at the end of the winter to cast off any build-up of waste. The key organs involved in detoxification are the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, skin and the lymphatic system. Check out our post on How to Detox Safely to find out more on detoxing safely and when you should avoid detoxing.

3. Encourage elimination during a detox by increasing fruit and vegetables in your diet, adding herbs to your diet such as nettle and cleavers, and taking more time to relax. If you find you have uncomfortable symptoms as a result of your detox (for example headache), reduce your intake of fruits and increase your intake of green vegetables. Fruits are great cleansers but some people find them a bit too effective to detox comfortably.