Here’s a crossword puzzle filled with plant wisdom to get you through cold and flu season. Print the crossword out to complete the puzzle.


1. Add the essential oil to your bath to relieve stress and anxiety and lift your mood

3. This shrub is native to South Africa and known as red bush

4. the berry helps us deal with stress and is an excellent liver tonic

8. Calendula officinalis is traditionally used to reduce inflammation and support the body in expelling nasties

9. The Greek goddess of the hunt and of the wilderness


2. An evergreen tree originally from the
Mediterranean which produces a small oval fruit with a stone and who’s leaves are traditionally used as a chest remedy

5. A red fruit often mistaken for a vegetable. Rich in vitamin C and known as pomodoro

6. The root is sweeter than sugar and
traditionally used for coughs

7. The flowers and leaves are best known as an antidepressant, but also a powerful
antiviral and nerve healer

8. The root was used to make children’s

10. The leaves of Gaultheria procumbens are nature’s NSAID

11. A pungent Mediterranean herb. Traditionally used to overcome bacterial and viral infections and to dispel worms

12. An external remedy made with oil and

Check back next week for the answers.