Here is my comfrey and rosemary cream recipe. This cream is a water and oil combination. The combination of rosemary and comfrey is anti-inflammatory and warming thanks to the rosemary. Comfrey leaves contain a chemical called allantoin, which research has shown increases the number of cells in the area. It is this cell proliferation that provides evidence of your body healing injury sites and broken bones.


  • 6g beeswax,
  • 30mls of very strong Rosemary leaf decoction,
  • 20mls Comfrey infused oil,
  • 10mls Rosemary infused oil.

For instructions on how to make an infused oil, check out our Rosemary infused oil recipe.

How to make a Comfrey and Rosemary Cream

  • Melt the beeswax and oil in a pyrex jug using the Bain Marie method. I stand the pyrex jug in a frying pan that has water in it.
  • When the beeswax is completely melted, remove from the stove top (and the pot of water) and add the rosemary decoction, beating together with an electric whisk as you combine.
  • Continue to whisk together until the cream forms peaks (like stiff egg whites) and pour into your sterilised jar.

What can you use your Comfrey and Rosemary Cream For?

Symphytum officinale

This combination is warming, healing and soothing.

Comfrey was traditionally referred to as knitbone. It’s great for supporting your body in healing sprains and strains. It is also helpful with broken bones once the cast has come off and you have started your physiotherapy recovery programme.

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