Ginger tea is my ‘go to’ whenever I’m feeling under the weather. It supports the immune system and is great for all parts of the body. Because it’s a root, it’s made as a decoction. Here’s my super quick way to make ginger tea.

What’s a decoction?

When we are making a tea from roots, bark or berries, we make it as a decoction. This is because the material is heavier and usually needs a bit more help to move it from the plant and into the water. There are some exceptions. Cinnamon loves water so can be included in your herbal tea infusion (this is your usual way of making a brew).

fresh ginger root
fresh ginger root

Ginger is a root (technically it’s a rhizome) so is best made as a decoction but it has a lot of juice so you can get away with making an infusion. This method is a hybrid between a decoction and an infusion. It makes a stronger ginger tea than simply infusing it.

A quick way to make ginger tea

This method combines force and maximises surface area so there are more opportunities for the ginger juice to move into the water. I use a nutribullet but a blender will do the job too.

ginger tea
a quick way to make ginger tea

Ginger Tea Recipe

Add 2 -3 cm of fresh ginger root to your nutribullet and 1 cup of water. Biltz it until the ginger root has been completely cut down and you have a thick liquid. It will be super strong.

Strain the liquid through a fine sieve (or a more coarse sieve if you’re not bothered by the stringy bits). You’ll need to stir it through the sieve to get the juice moving through as the juice will be quite thick. I prefer to keep it all in the bottle (complete with stringy bits) and strain into my cup when I make it. It gives the water more time to mix with the ginger. Store your ginger water in a bottle in the fridge. This will keep for up to 3-days.

To make your tea add approximately 50mls of your ginger water to a cup and top up with boiling water. You can add a slice of lemon or a teaspoon of honey to adjust the taste.

Fighting a cold or stomach bug?

Drink ginger tea throughout the day (up to 4 cups). It’s great with a stick of cinnamon added to it.