I prefer a gentler detox rather than the emetics or strong purgatives used in Victorian times.  Emetics induce vomiting and purgatives encourage evacuation of the bowel. However, there are some cases where you should only detox under professional supervision.  These include: anybody with liver, lymphatic or kidney disorders; anybody taking antiretrovirals or any medication where timing of medication is important (e.g. in support of organ transplant) and anybody who is pregnant.


Reducing your stress levels and increasing your relaxation is a key part of detoxification. Here are some great tips on treating your body kindly during your detox.


  1. Take a bath and relax – Light some candles, fill your bath with warm water and as an extra treat make a bath bag – this is a great activity to do with your kids and leaves you with a wonderful treat for your relaxing bath.  Take a square of muslin and hold in your hand. Pile in herbs, (lavender is great for relaxation) and oats and tie off with a pretty ribbon (making sure you leave enough ribbon to tie over the bath tap). Hang the bag under the tap while you run your bath and the oats will make the water milky and soft, with the herbs you’ve chosen adding fragrance and relaxing or reviving qualities. You can then scrub your body with the herb bag instead of soap and a sponge – leaving your skin silky smooth! Note: If you want to add essential oils to your bath bag, add them to some baking soda and then combine the now beautifully smelling baking soda with the oats.


  1. Good sleep is another important part of your detoxification process. For a wonderful facial treat to help you sleep, make up a facial oil. Combine 50mls of jojoba oil with 2 drops of yarrow and 2 drops of rose otto. Warm in your hands and press into your skin at night; you will wake refreshed with glowing skin.


  1. Guided visualisation is a vital part of relaxing during your detox: Here’s a link to an audio I have recorded called The Light Exercise.  It’s a relaxing visualisation so not one to listen to in the car.
The Light Exercise