Connecting you with the herbs your body is already searching for

Reduce congestion with this herbal tea

Travelling around with a headcold is no fun. I was congested with a blocked nose and sinus related headache. So I popped into a local herbal store and bought some herbs to remedy the situation.     Ingredients 30g Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) leaves 15g...

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How to do a walking meditation

It's mental health awareness week this week Mental health awareness week takes place from 8 - 15 October in New Zealand. This year the focus is: let nature in, strengthen your wellbeing. A wonderful way of combining calmness with nature is walking meditation. You...

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The secret art of creating tasty herbal teas

I'm so excited to be teaching this workshop! For years I have despaired when having made a shop bought herbal tea I sat down only to discover it tasted like coloured water! Why is it, the herbal teas made by herbalists taste so much better? Creating a great herbal tea...

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Are your essential oils cat friendly?

Too many flies are plaguing my office. Being herbally inclined I decided some essential oils diffused in the air would do the trick. My usual go to are lavender and peppermint. They're very effective at repelling flies. But they are potentially poisonous to cats and I...

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Herbal sleep remedies from your garden

Having trouble sleeping? Before reaching for the big guns, try these herbal sleep remedies. I've chosen these three herbs because they're effective and you'll find them growing in your garden. Whilst the plants listed below contain plant chemicals (phytochemicals)...

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How to recognise yarrow

The combination of blazing sunshine and intense rain has encouraged an abundance of vibrant yarrow in the Wairarapa. So I thought I'd take the hint from mother nature and make January the month of yarrow! How to recognise Yarrow Yarrow or Achillea millefolium is known...

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How Milk Thistle Can Help Your Hangover

Milk Thistle seed (Silybum marianum or sometimes referred to by its older botanical name of Carduus marianus) is a wonderful liver helper.  That's particularly good news this time of year. Researchers believe the family of plant chemicals (phytochemicals) known as...

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Burdock Root May Be Helpful in Ulcerative Colitis

Animal Study Shows Promise for Ulcerative Colitis Sufferers Some promising research in relation to burdock root and ulcerative colitis.  This is an animal study where mice were fed 100mg/kg of Arctium lappa (Burdock) powder.  The burdock root was fed to mice who...

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How to Make Rosehip Syrup

Whilst the winter chill arriving is not usually a cause for celebration, it does herald the beginning of rosehip picking season.  Rosehips are best harvested after a good frost. Collect them when they are fully matured and have reached their most vivid shade of red or...

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Tracy Tutty is a Medical Herbalist, Stress Therapist and Performance Coach with a passion for making herbal remedies and natural beauty products.

Tracy believes that your body knows exactly what it needs to do to heal itself.  My job as your herbalist is to connect you with the herb or herbs your body is already searching for.